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Year on year price analysis on the average cost of Airport Parking at Manchester Airport

(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED KINGDOM - March 15th, 2017 - Last year Manchester Airport reached a record 25 million in passenger numbers, a year on year growth of 9.3%, well done guys!

 So on the back of this we decided to do some year on year average price analysis for both onsite & offsite parking products Manchester Airport & explained a bit about what we suggest customers spend their hard earned holiday money on & why!

Take a look at the price analysis in our interactive graph & full blog post here >

What are On-site Products?

On-site also known as On-airport or official parking is a convenient and time saving way to start your trip as parking is situated close to the departure terminals. Depending on the size of the airport will depend on how far you have to walk to the terminal, at larger airports you may need to get a shuttle bus to the terminal entrance. As the on-site products are closer to the Airport they are in most occasions more expensive than off-site products.

What are Off-site Products?

Off-site airport parking means parking your car away from the airport and usually requires a transfer to and from the airport terminals. Most off-site parking companies provide regular transfers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the terminal you need. As the off-site car parks are further away from the airport as the on-site car parks, they are in most occasions cheaper than the on-site’s.

The truth of the matter is there’s not one defining answer, it all depends on what you’re looking for but as an overview this is what we discovered.

Tight Budget

If you’re on a tight budget then off-site parking is (most of the time) the best option for you, especially in the winter months when prices plummet due to a fall in passenger numbers. SkyParkSecure customers who booked Off-site parking in November 2016 saved an average of £24.67 on 4 day stays, £14.22 on 8 day stays & £16.18 on 15 day stays.

Best months for value on On-site Products

February, March & April are good months to book On-site parking if you’re looking for an 8 or 15 day stays. Although they are still more expensive than the offsite products SkyParkSecure customers paid on average just £10.09 more for an 8day stay in March 2016. This represents great value for a parking product that is way more convenient, time saving & stress-free.

Great News, Prices are falling!

Great news for SkyParkSecure customers booking 8 & 15 day stays at both on-site & off-site products during July, for the last 3 years average prices have dropped & are likely to do the same this year!

SkyParkSecure's Top Tip: A big top tip were going to tell people from putting these figures together is to always book the on-site products if there offering good value against the off-site products! The convenience of not waiting around for transfer buses & being much closer to the terminal is always worth the extra money, treat yourself & add a little sense of luxury to your trip.

SkyParkSecure is one of the UK's leading airport parking providers. We compare prices of airport parking all over the UK with Official On Airport Parking or Offsite Parking options to choose from. Over the last 15 years we have helped over 1.5 Million Customers park their cars at 27 UK airports saving them over 5.5 million pounds in the process.


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