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Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country’s wonderful natural beauty: From the green rice fields in the north to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south

(TRAVPR.COM) VIETNAM - October 27th, 2014 - Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the country’s wonderful natural beauty: From the green rice fields in the north to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south

1/ Sapa

This Vietnam’s destination is too famous such an extent that it is always present in Vietnam tourism brochure. However, if just wandering around Sapa town, you have missed a chance to have a memorable trip. Sapa town just likes a miniature Hanoi, accompanying colorful minority groups. Thus, let’s carry your rucksack and to be ready for a trekking expedition to remote villages. Scenery, people, culture and everything will be much more fascinating. You can trek through jungles, mountains, fields, streams, hidden soil-trails only used by locals, and rest at an ethnic minority village. Along paths, you can encounter “real” minor people, who are doing life activities, or working to earn their living. Specially, contemplating firsthand Sapa rice terrace (which was estimated as one of the 30 most beautiful places in the world by Mother Nature Network), and other stunning scenes is completely different to views from automobiles or from your hotel at a far distance. Let’s leave your cozy hotel-room and stay overnight at a homestay. You will be experienced a distinctive life with locals, arduous but funny. A bit active, but more new experiences and discoveries.

Head off a hiking & homestay Sapa to the most marvelous valley – Muong Hoa and other villages with a 3-day package.

Phone: +84-43-633-9576 or visit trekking/hiking tours

2/ Mt. Fansipan

With altitude of 3,143m, Mount Fansipan is the highest in Indochina, and also dubbed as “The Roof of Indochina”. Fansipan conquest is the dream of many young Vietnamese. If you are not too so fantastic to conquer Everest, Fansipan may be appropriate to you. This mount is just 9km from Sapa to the southwest. Therefore, as travel to Sapa, you can take a hike to this mount on the same occasion. 

The journey with a long trail will be greater, more challenging, but also more beautiful views. However, as you immerse in natural pureness, and enjoy victory of setting foot on Fansipan peak, hardship seems to have disappeared. The hike will pass jungles and mountains, so you can easily learn local knowledge about the Vietnam’s nature and hill-tribe culture. Yes, learning from reality.

Toughness, strong will, and determination, those are the meanings Mount Fansipan conquest.
Conquer Fansipan in a long trail with a lot of fabulous scenes. Just pay 382$ for a package of 3-4 people. 

See trekking hiking tours 

3/ Mai Chau

Escape from busy cities, let’s experience an extremely peaceful life in Mai Chau. This area is the home of Thai, Muong and H’mong people, which are Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Just only 135 km from Hanoi, it is so easy to reach here. Of course, it has spectacular scenes and also the original cultural identity like you read a lot on tourism websites. But peace is the most impressive. Peace in just landscape: rice terraces, tea plantations, streams. Peace in just the life of locals. Residents here work hard on fields, on forests, on weaving looms. 

Mai Chau’s culture is gentle and lyrical. The rhythm of life is also slow and tranquil. By trek or bike around villages, you will feel these. Choose less touristy roads and villages for the itinerary, it is also much more interesting. 

To homestay, you will stay in traditional stilt houses and do housework with locals. Yummy cuisines are always ready on homestay to welcome guests. At night, the space becomes throbbing by blithe melodies and rhythmical dances. The trip ends by a good sleep at this peaceful heaven. 

Get away to peaceful Mai Chau, hiking and biking through exotic villages with a 3-day package.

See: travel styles/ ethnic encounters 

4/ Mekong delta

Vietnamese usually say “thang canh co bay”, meaning that land is too large that stocks can fly straightly to endless. Oh, this is one of images you can see in Mekong delta. Located in northwestern Vietnam, it is the country’s greatest rice basket. This region is covered by an interlaced canal system and residents were familiar with waterway-life long ago. 

Locals are gentle and rustic. Scenery is tranquil. Travel to Mekong, you will have peace of mind. 
The richness and vastness make this plain region have an abundant culture. Let’s take part in various activities to understand relatively or more about this cultural identity. 

Cycling around fields and villages is a nice way to see the everyday life of locals. On the roads, you can talk to them and try experiencing some of their jobs. Many other places can be visited along biking trail, namely temples, orchards, local primary schools, or local households. Particularly, you can visit and discover traditional trade-villages of coconut-candy, rice-paper, rice-wine, snake-wine, pop-rice, pop-corn, etc. 

You also shouldn’t skip a boat trip to floating markets, the special places with a boom of colors, sounds and scents. These market have a lot of beautiful agricultural products, especially fruits. Let’s come and observe how they trade, how they communicate, and how they speak for sale. 

Mekong delta tours may please someone who are curious. Travelers can learn a plenty of local things, such as how to buy fruits and food, how to cook local cuisines, or how to make traditional conical hats. If love nature, you can visit mangrove forests as Tra Su, where can observe colonies of water-birds, bats and other rare spices.

Explore Mekong delta in three days with many memorable activities.

Phone: +84-43-633-9576 or see: biking tours


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