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Everest Base Camp Trek Costing Updated Details 2020/2021

(TRAVPR.COM) NEPAL - May 30th, 2020 -

A general question, how much do Everest base camp trek cost? Trekking to Everest base camp is a great challenge and a wonderful achievement. The dream adventure to every trekking lover. Everest base camp is under everyone’s bucket list. But most of the trekkers need the general idea about the trek cost. With that purpose, we have prepared a blog to find out the Everest base camp trek cost. We have included all the Everest trekking essentials with approximate costing. We hope you will love it.
1. Airport shuttle
· First thing first, an airport shuttle is important upon your landing at Kathmandu international airport. For airport transport there are two options available. The first option is to pre-book your shuttle to get picked up from the airport. The next option is to book the taxis at the airport after arrival. The general costing for a taxi from the airport to the hotel is US$ 7-US$10. Whereas, private transportation may cost a bit higher.
Airport shuttle charge: US$ 7- US$ 10 one way.
2. Hotel in Kathmandu.
· Accommodation is essential during travel and good accommodation is important. It is exactly the same for Everest base camp trek too. Finding hotels in Kathmandu is very easy nowadays. Typically, we recommend you to book a hotel near Thamel. Thamel is a tourist hub with nice restaurants and bars around. Similarly, you can get all the gears and other stuff needed for the trekking. The cost for the hotel in Kathmandu is from US$ 10 to US$ 250 per night. It depends on your preference.
Hotel charges: US$ 10 to US$ 250 per night (twin or double sharing basis)
3. Lukla flights
One of the things that push the Everest base camp trek cost high is the flight to Lukla. The thirty minutes flight to Lukla from Kathmandu cost US$ 179 one way (2020 updated rate). Basically, there are three different airlines operating the flights to Lukla. And the flights to Lukla happens every morning.
Lukla flight charges: US$ 358 per person both way
4. Permits
The next essential for Everest base camp trek is the permits. Two permits are needed for Everest base camp trekking. The first one is Sagarmatha National Park Entrance Fee and the second is the Pasang Lhamu municipality entrance fee. The total cost for these two permits is US$ 55 total per person. The permits for Everest base camp trek can be issued along the way.
Permit charges: US$ 55 per person for the trek.
5. Guide and Porter charges
Hiring a guide and a porter for Everest trekking is very crucial. As the guide will be helping to learn the culture, to trek on the right path, and to help in the difficult condition. Similarly, the porter will be helping you to carry your stuff. The charges to hire a trekking guide in Everest will cost you US$ 20-US$25 per day. You can share one guide up to 8-10 trekkers. Likewise, the porter in Everest cost US$ 17- US$ 20 per day per porter. You can share 1 porter for 2 trekkers. Typically, the porter can carry 15kgs to 20 kgs.
Guide charge: US$ 20-US$ 25 per day, Porter charge: US$ 17-US$ 20 per day.
6. Food and accommodation
Food and accommodation are the main factors that increase the Everest base camp trek cost. The cost of the food on the Everest base camp trek is about US$ 7 per meal. That way you will be spending US$ 20-25 per day on the basic meals. You can get good food all the way. The healthy and full diet for the trekking would be Dal Bhat (rice and curry). The idea of recommending Dal Bhat is that it comes with a big portion and is refillable. Even if you eat less you can order less as well.
Whereas, the accommodation is not expensive during the Everest trek. Typically, a room will cost US$ 5- US$ 8 per night. Remember you may have to share a room in some cases. Particularly, if it is a high season then finding a private room would not be that easy.
Food charges: US$ 20- US$ 25 per day, Accommodation charges: US$ 5-US$ 8 per night.
7. Drinking water
We recommend you to drink the tap water during the trekking. Buying mineral water may cost US$ 1 to US$ 3 per bottle. So, we recommend you to take one or two-liter water bottles for the water. And you can take water purifying tablets. Although, you can buy mineral water in Gorakshep as the tap water option is not convenient there.
Drinking water charges: US$ 1 -US$ 3 per bottle. (Recommended tap water with water purifying tablets)
8. Toilets and Hot shower
Toilets are available during the Everest base camp. Both American and Indian toilet options are available. But, getting private toilets is not much convenient during the trekking. Likewise, a hot shower is available You have to pay US$ 5- US$ 8 per shower. Some of the places have the gas water heater and some places provide the bucket hot shower.
Hot shower charges: US$ 5- US$ 8 per shower.
9. Electricity and WIFI
All the teahouses of the Everest base camp trek route have electricity available. Charging the gadgets cost US$ 3 to US$ 8 per device. Remember there are no charging points available in your room. This means you have to ask the reception to charge the battery.
Teahouses also have the WIFI access available. But you have to pay US$ 5-US$ 8 per to get the WIFI accessibility in the teahouses.
Electricity charges: US$ 3 to US$ 8 per device, WIFI charges: US$ 5 to US$ 8 per day.
10. Gears
You can rent or buy the gears in Kathmandu. Particularly, Thamel is the best place to get trekking gear. In some cases, if you forget to buy anything in Thamel then you can get it in Namche Bazar. Buying or renting the cost of the gear depends on the quality you are getting.
11. Extra money
Extra money is crucial for the trek. There are no ATMs or banks up from Namche Bazar. So, we recommend you to get at least US$ 200 to US$ 500 as extra money for the emergency.
Extra money: US$ 200 to US$ 500 for the trip.
12. Tipping.
Tipping is applicable during the trek. Although the amount is your preference. Basically, you can tip to your guide/porter or at the teahouses.
Everest Base Camp Trek Cost Breakdown
  1. Airport shuttle: US$ 7-US$ 10 one way
  2. Hotel in Kathmandu: US$ 10 -US$ 250 per night
  3. Lukla Flight: US$ 358 both way
  4. Permits: US$ 55 per person
  5. Guide charges: US$ 20-US$ 25 per day
  6. Porter charges: US$ 17-US$ 20 per day
  7. Food Charges: US$ 20-US$ 25 per day for three meals
  8. Accommodation: US$ 5-US$ 8 per night
  9. Drinking water: US$ 1-US$ 3 per bottle
  10. Hot shower: US$ 5-US$ 8 per shower
  11. Electricity: US$ 5-US$ 8 per gadget- full charge
  12. WIFI: US$5-US$8 per day unlimited at teahouse
  13. Extra money: US$ 200-US$ 500
Estimated cost for 13 days Everest base camp trek: US$ 1220 to US$ 1250 per person if 2 people trekking
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