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The desire and urge to live a life of better quality is the driving force for many people who choose to migrate to developed countries.

(TRAVPR.COM) INDIA - March 22nd, 2020 - Travelling is an integral part of immigration. During times of pandemic spread travelling should ideally be suspended. Many countries may be brought under lockdown and shut down for temporary preventive measures for preventing the spread of the contagious disease. While citizens should fully accept this there can be at times scenes when unavoidable travelling must be done. So, when there is no alternative to stop travelling then the person travelling should take proper precautions. A responsible traveler may stop the spreading of the highly contagious pandemic disease while an irresponsible can be a threat for himself and society also.

At this point of time the world is witnessing a highly pandemic situation where the corona virus is responsible for the spread of disease. The disease is called Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19). The said virus has a cell diameter of around 400-500 micron. Because of this size its transmission can be prevented by usage of masks. The virus does not float in air; hence it will not be transmitted via air. The virus usually settles down on the ground surface or any other surface. It can stay on the metal surface for almost 12 hours. On clothes it can stay for close to 9 hours. It can also stay on the human hands. Soaps have the capacity to kill the virus. The virus also gets killed when put at a temperature of around 27-degree Celsius. Alcohol sanitizers are powerful enough for the killing of the virus. Hence travelers should frequently use alcohol-based sanitizers for hand sanitization. Washing the worn clothes with detergents and drying them under the sun for 2 hours will also lead to destruction of these viruses. Hot water is good for the throat during the travel periods. Gargling with warm water along with salt prevents tonsillitis and saves from the viral infection.

The symptoms of COVID-19 infection are rise in body temperature, dry coughing and difficulty in breathing. The virus mostly impairs the respiratory functions within the body. Travelers should be aware about the viral infection and its symptoms, for their own safety. Travelling should be avoided as much as possible. But when one must go for any unavoidable travelling then ensure that they must take all safety precautions. Immigration consultant AMS Pinnacle Visas suggest precautions that travelers should undertake:

●       Avoiding spending time within large crowd

●       Avoiding direct physical contact with people

●       Staying away from people who seem to be sick (especially if they have temperature, fever or respiratory problems)

●       Adhering to local public health advisory regulations

●       Washing hand frequently under running water with soap for at least 20 seconds

●       Use good quality alcohol-based sanitizer if the soap and water are not available

●       While sneezing or coughing one should cover the mouth and nose with forearm which ensures less spreading of germs

●       Keep social distancing which means keep oneself at least of six feet from other people

●       Self-isolation for at least 14 days is the best thing to do in such times as it ensures that there is no possibility of any infection transmission

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