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If you’re planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, or already living here and are looking for a weekend trip for the family or friends, we have you covered with things to do in Nagua. It may look like there isn’t much do, but believe me when I say there are some amazing things to do in Nagua

(TRAVPR.COM) UNITED STATES - March 1st, 2018 - If you’re planning a trip to the Dominican Republic, or already living here and are looking for a weekend trip for the family or friends, we have you covered with things to do in Nagua. It may look like there isn’t much do,  but believe me when I say there are some amazing things to do in Nagua.

Just A Little Background: (wiki)

Nagua is the capital of the province Maria Trinidad Sánchez of the Dominican Republic .

A medium-sized city, Nagua’s economy relies mainly on the production of agricultural products, mainly: rice, coconuts, vegetables, tubers and cocoa.

Located on the northeast coast of the Samaná peninsula, Nagua is on the road that leads from Puerto Plata to the city of Samaná.

The beaches, land, and tourism are untouched.

What do I mean? You get to experience the real Dominican, before commercialization sets in. With unique little homes settled on the beach by the locals, to eco hotels and resorts, and of course day adventures that will have your camera snapping every few minutes.

Below you will find reviews of places I went and what I experienced.

Check out the Things To Do In Nagua, Dominican Republic.

1. The Place To Stay: Hotel Boutique Del Lago

You can find them on sites like and If you don’t know what is, I really advise you to check it out. Here companies and hotels list deals they have running in the Dominican Republic. If you aren’t fluent in Spanish, just download the Chrome Plugin that translates it for you. When we booked Hotel Del Lago, we booked thru and ended up paying only $20 per night per person.

Arriving late at night, there were hardly any lights on the bumpy road that led us to the hotel. Honestly, we were a little scared what it would look like, based on what we could see outside. We were extremely pleased when we reached our destination. A huge entrance was guarded, and as you pulled up the driveway, there was this open alluring design. A gigantic fish tank made up a wall by the lobby, and you could tell as you walked thru to your room, each piece had been hand picked, or uniquely designed for this hotel. (Just a quick note, this hotel is not beach front or beach view)


While we did not stay in a suite, the normal rooms were cozy. Elegant bathrooms, made with modern tiles and amenities. I was surprised that it had a water heater. If you aren’t aware, due to it being so hot in the Dominican Republic, it’s not common to find water heaters here. That would be a luxury. Lastly, air conditioners and very comfortable beds made for an excellent stay.

In the morning we awoke to great service by Pablo, who made us feel right at home. All the service we received was fantastic, and I can’t say enough for the food. Although breakfast is limited, it’s delicious, and the restaurant they have on the property is one of the best I have tried in the Dominican Republic. Get the mixed grill. It’s full of seafood, chicken, pork, and beef, seasoned to perfection and grilled just right.

Read More about Hotel Boutique Del Lago and See More Pictures Here.

2. Lagoon Dudu and Lagoon Azul

One of my favorite things to do in Nagua is visit the lagoons. Just about 3o minutes from Nagua, is a small town called Cabrera. There you will find Dudu Lagoon, and within Dudu Lagoon is Azul Lagoon. Pictures I took are below of them both, and get ready because you have to go. The zip-line into the water, that everyone loves on those super hot days of the Dominican Summer, can be found at Dudu Lagoon. The water is very chilly and refreshing. There is not really anywhere to lay out in the sun, but above the lagoon, is a nice little park filled with hammocks and lots of space. The children can also play on a playground there, and food is available.

My personal favorite was Lago Azul, the blue lagoon.

The water is clear and is located in a cave that is open to the public for swimming. There you will find large rocks you can jump off of, and bring your snorkel equipment because it is a wonder for the eye to see. Made of fresh water and a small amount of salt water, it’s as if the water soothes you, only after you get use to the temperature. Around the lagoon, you feel like you are in a jungle, far from civilization. A journey you have took has led you to paradise, and honestly it’s very hard to stop taking pictures and videos. I even called family to Facetime them, and let them see just how amazing it was. With clean sleek rocks in the water, and the chairs and tables they have available to sit in, you will feel relaxed. Also, no worries on bringing a cooler. You can if you want, but right beside the Lagoon Azul they have a tiny hut, ready to serve you beer, water, and soft drinks.

I didn’t want to leave!

Read More About Lagoon Dudu and Lagoon Azul and See More Pictures Here.

3. Playa Diamante, The Diamond Beach

Diamond beach is also about 30 minutes away from Nagua, and only minutes from Dudu Lagoon. Among the things to do in Nagua, it’s at the top. If you see a bad review on this beach, please disregard it. Leave it to yourself to determine what you think.  It is a local beach, down a bumpy winding road, and you will not find 5 star amenities there. There are no chairs laid out for you, waiters to take your drink order, nor is their marvelous bathrooms. What there is, is a unique natural beauty unlike any other, and the locals are extremely sweet.


At the end of the cove, the beach is within, you can see large rocks where waves crash one one side. On the other, is a boat like structure that appears to be a home. This does not take away from the natural beauty, as you really have to focus to see what it is.

As the Dominican Republic gets hotter, Diamond Beach gets cooler, and thus makes for an excellent trip. Streams coming up from the earth pour into the beach, mixing with the ocean to give it a perfect combination of hot and cold. As you walk or swim thru the water you will notice warm salt water beneath you, and on top you feel the cold streams of fresh water. The water is among the clearest you can find, with turquoise hints. On each side their is marine life, but a road like path has been made by the local fisherman to give you clear clean water for your adventure. Here you can see colorful fish, crabs, and other amazing sea life.

Read More About The Diamond Beach and See More Pictures Here.

4. Playa Los Minos near Rio San Juan

About an hour from Nagua and near Rio San Juan, you will find Playa Los Minos. It’s a local beach, where not many tourist go, but the best part is that it’s not crowded with locals. Sand and rock mix on the shores and the sides to provide a view that resembles the beaches of Greece in some spots. Very calm waters, are accompanied by warm waters, and natural sands. A local hotel ran by Italians is placed on the rocky shore, and is a great place to stop for a beer. The owners are around 90, and their charm gives an old school look to a beautiful little beach.

I would choose this beach over Playa Los Gringos any day.

5. Other Things To Do In Nagua

As for Gri-Gri Lagoon and other places that are listed on things to do in Nagua, we didn’t have the time or the interest. Lagoon Grig-Gri and places like Playa Los Gringos were recommended to us, but we decided to pass. The look of Gri-Gri was that it had been over packed with boats, since it was now a main attraction in the area. From what we could see, the boats had made the water dirty. We didn’t find interest in taking an hour long boat ride, through the swamp like terrain, to look at birds. Although we were told of the beauty at the end of the tour, we thought we would take that adventure another time. If you are in Nagua, for more than a week, it may be worth trying out.

Playa Los Gringos although beautiful, appeared to be very worn out. We stopped to get a few pictures that you can see below, but made our way down the road. The food their gave me mixed signals. At some huts, it looked fresh and delicious. At other’s it appeared to be from frozen bags, and prices had been marked up for foreign travelers.

If you ever get the chance to come to the Dominican Republic, I highly suggest taking at least a two day trip to Nagua. Hit Up Dudu Lagoon, Azul Lagoon, and most certainly The Diamond Beach.


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