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On the venue of WORLD TOURISM AND TRAVEL AWARDS ceremony for 2016, H.E. Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism of Kingdom of Cambodia had announced an ambitious program to revamp and give a new impetus to the country tourism brand. 

(TRAVPR.COM) BELGIUM - July 29th, 2016 - Taking the benefit of the 2016 WORLD TOURISM AWARDS international stage where Cambodia was crowned as WORLD BEST TOURIST DESTINATION FOR 2016 and singled out as FAVORITE CULTURAL DESTINATION, Minister of Tourism of Cambodia, Dr. Thong Khon outlined a new marketing and presentation strategy for the Kingdom.

The strategy aims at taking advantage of the tourism as a large global industry that is expanding rapidly in developing countries.

The market share of tourism in developing countries is also increasing significantly and developing countries now account for two-thirds of long-haul destinations according to the World Bank.

The all encompasing plan was presented to H.E. Academician HUN SEN, Prime Minister of Cambodia in attendance being members of Royal Parliament of Cambodia, Royal Government and with the exceptional presence on the venue of the highes representatives ofWorld Tourism Institutions-European Council on Tourism and Trade  President, Professor Dr. Anton Caragea European Tourism Academy Director-Academician Mircea Constantinescu and European Council on Tourism and Trade high ranking delegates: Pavel Avramoiu, Ioan Matei, ECTT Chairman -Mihai Prundianu.

This is the full text of the Minister  Thong Khon plan to overhaul the tourism industry of Cambodia:

Today, on behalf of leaders and officials of the Ministry of Tourism, and all distinguished participants of the ceremony and on my own behalf, we would like to proudly express our great pleasure and honor to Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia for taking his tight schedule with a mission to serve the country and people to highly preside over the auspicious Awarding Ceremony of “Cambodia-World Best Tourist Destination for 2016, and Favorite Cultural Destination for 2016” Awards, in conjunction with the Official Launching of the first “Best Hospitality” Contest Movement.

I would like to thanks Samdech, Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Deputy Prime Ministers, Senior Ministers, Ministers, Distinguished National and International Guests for participating in the meaningful awarding ceremony at this time. Seizing this opportunity, I would like to voice my special thanks to the European Council on Tourism and Trade and Dr. Anton Caragea, as the President for awarding Cambodia the Awards of World Best Tourist Destination for 2016 and Favorite Cultural Destination for 2016 and to the European Tourism Academy for unanimously electing Samdech Techo Prime Minister as an Honorary Member of the European Tourism Academy.

Stemming from the “Win-Win” Policy of Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia has enjoyed full peace, development in all sectors, particularly tourism has grown considerably over the last decade.

The tourism sector, which is considered as the green gold is a sector sustaining socio-economic growth, creating jobs, and alleviating poverty of the people, and playing an important role as on-site exports, contributing to supporting the regional integration.

Apparently, in 2015, we achieved a growth rate of 6.1% with arrival of international tourists of about 4.8 million and bringing revenue of more than US $ 3,000 million, and increasing employment opportunities for about 620 thousand people into the economy.

Following the forecasts for 2020, international tourist arrivals are expected to rise to about 7 million people and bringing the total revenue of approximately US $ 5,000 million, creating job opportunities for nearly 1 million people.

The subsequent boom of Cambodian tourism cannot be cut off from the country’s attractiveness as a tourist destination at regional and global levels. Obviously, in 2015, the world-class trip advisor (Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice) (Chosen based on voting by travelers on its website) has considered the Kingdom of Cambodia as the world’s most attractive tourist destination (World Award Winners 2014- 2015).

Particularly, Angkor Wat Temple was ranked first in both Asia and the world as the most attractive one amongst the other 25 national identification marking tourist destinations in the world (Landmarks Award), and Siem Reap City was ranked first in Asia and second in the world as the most attractive tourist destination (Destination in the World). In 2016, Tripadvisor has also chosen the Siem Reap Province as the best Tourist Destination in Asia and selected Angkor Wat Temple as the Asia’s most attractive national identification marking tourist site (The Best Landmark in Asia). Especially, for Cambodian tourism, today it is a great honor for Cambodia being unanimously elected as the “World Best Tourist Destination for 2016” by the European Council on Tourism and Trade.

I have a great honor to respectfully report to Samdech Techo Prime Minister that the European Council on Tourism and Trade has the mission to promote tourism, investment and exchange of experiences and knowledge relevant to the tourism sector, particularly cultural tourism of Europe and the rest of the world.

To support its activities, the Council created the award of “World Best Tourist Destination” yearly to promote the tourism sector in the countries who are qualified enough (with evaluations based on key indicators of potential natural and cultural tourism and direction as the policy of the candidate country).

Since 2007, there were countries awarded the awards in the Africa and Asia (including the Republic of Korea, United Arab Emirate, the People’s Republic of Laos in 2013 and the Republic of Zimbabwe in 2014).

In general, after receiving the awards, the destination countries usually received significant tourism growth of European tourists.

For 2016, the Board of the European Council on Tourism and Trade reviewed and discussed the 29 candidates countries for the award-winning candidate of “World Best Tourist Destination for 2016” and decided unanimously to elect:

1. “Cambodia-World Best Tourist Destination for 2016”

2. “Cambodia-Favorite Cultural Destination for 2016”

Cambodia has been chosen as a winner for 2016, which is based on the wonders of Cambodia (Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder), where is filled with the World Heritage of both tangible heritage (including Angkor Wat Temple and Preah Vihear Temple as the World Heritage) and intangible assets as the abundant natural potential (including mangrove forest preserved and conserved areas, and Ramsar areas) and natural smile and greeting of Cambodian people, along with the development of all sectors in Cambodia, under the brilliant and sound leadership of Samdech Techo Prime Minister, and especially the development of Cambodian tourism based on the proper policy and strategy, namely the commitments to sustainable and inclusive tourism development (Sustainability and Inclusiveness).

The election of Samdech Techo Prime Minister as an Honorary Member of the European Tourism Academy is the most recognition of leadership perspective value of Samdech Techo in preserving and conserving the Cambodian cultural heritage and in encouraging Cambodian tourism development through ensuring the peace, political stability, Cambodian socio-economic development with significant progress for the nation of Cambodia.

I would like to kindly inform the whole participants that in order to achieve the longterm vision and perspective for the development of Cambodian tourism, in particular as the tourist destination with sustainability, responsibility, and world-class attractiveness, the Royal Government set out the Law on Tourism.

National Policy on Tourism, Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2012-2020.

Under the spirit of the Law on Tourism and Tourism Development Strategic Plan 2012-2020, the Ministry of Tourism as the Cambodian Royal Government’s wing has launched the Tourism Reform Plan 2015-2018 by focusing on the priority angles:

(1). Strengthening the tourism industry, “One Service, One Standard”

(2). Improving tourism promotion and attractive and creative tourism product development (By setting out Cambodian Tourism Marketing Strategy 2016-2020)

(3). Improving human resource development in tourism sector “One Staff, One Skill”

(4). Encouraging the use of information technology in tourism sector (E-tourism).

In addition, we have the contest movement of “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service, Best Hospitality” as the core to encourage and increase the effective implementation of the tourism development strategic plan, as well as tourism reform plan through launching the Clean City Contest Movement in 2011, and Eco-business Contest Movement in tourism sector in 2015.

Particularly, today, with the high approval of the Royal Government, through the letter No.516 SCHN.PK dated May 30, 2016, for allowing for the preparation of the Best Hospitality Contest Movement and transforming the contest to the National Agenda by inspiring the citizens, officials, private sector, youth and development partners to join together in order to improve the service and hospitality better for contributing to the promotion of all tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Cambodia as the tourist destination with attractiveness, warmth, and providing memorable experiences for tourists with natural smile and greetings of Cambodian people.

- Highly Respectful Samdech Techo Prime Minister! - Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen!

In order to make the Best Hospitality Contest Movement sustainable and widespread throughout the country and becoming the national agenda, all stakeholders (Public – private – youth – citizens) must join together to further promote the attractiveness of Cambodian tourism, as well as enhance the prestige of Cambodia “Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder”, namely the Ministry of Tourism and the National Committee for Clean City Assessment have prepared “4” documents for supporting the contest movement and developed an online voting assessment system ( which allows the citizens and tourists to provide online comments (through linking to QR-Code): Service and Hospitality Provided by Tour Operators and Officials at International Checkpoints for Tourists, etc.

In celebration of the award of Cambodia-World Best Tourist Destination and the launching of the Best Hospitality Contest Movement, the Ministry of Tourism and the National Committee for Clean City Assessment plan to launch various important tourism programs (in addition to programs and campaigns at present) as follow:

Continuing the promotional campaign “Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder” and the contest movement of “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service, Bes Hospitality”.

In collaboration with the relevant ministerial-institutions, the Ministry of Tourism will create a permanent tourism program under the name of “Cambodia-My Second Home” for welcoming the long-stay tourists and senior tourists and plans to cooperate with the Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia and relevant institutions to develop a program of “Cambodia: My Homeland” under the slogan of “Everyone can go”, which is the national program and contributes to pushing for a permanent program and encouraging the staffs, employees, employers, students, and youth to possibly arranging their trips at least 1 time per year, and a program of Cambodian Students-Tourism Ambassadors to be aimed at increasing more voluntary tourism activities in Cambodia.

3. In order to increase the benefits of this award, the Ministry of Tourism plans to set up an Annual Photo Contest Program for tourist visiting Cambodia under the “Secret Trail of Cambodia” Program, which can be the tourists’ selfie photo or tourist destination photo contest in order to attract and promote the online promotion on Facebook, which is a digital marketing and promotion and to encourage to further love and conserve our natural and cultural heritage. Moreover, the Ministry of Tourism will launch the Tourism Mobile App soon.

4. To support the “Best Hospitality” Contest Movement, while this movement is dependent on the involvement of people “People-Based Approach”, the Ministry of Tourism will create a training and best hospitality supporting program, named as “My Service, Your Smile” by encouraging all relevant stakeholders, including public institutions and private sector to make cooperation and develop the Best Hospitality training programs for officials, youth, and their staffs, who interact directly with customers and tourists (including beers and wedding ceremony supporting staffs.. etc.).

Meanwhile, to make this program successful, it requires the support and sponsors from the relevant stakeholders, private vocational training schools for the preparation of this training course.

5. In order to ensure the principle of transparency, the provision of services with honesty, not fraudulent to clients and visitors, the Ministry of Tourism encourages local tourism businesses, relevant institutions, and private sector to set up a Code of Ethics for managing its employees to ensure the provision of professional and honest services.

So far, the Ministry of Tourism has set up the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for tour guides and already established a system of monitoring the implementation of this professional, and will continue to inspire and help other areas to set up this Code of Ethics.

- Highly Respectful Samdech Techo Prime Minister! - Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have a great honor to respectfully inform that this celebration was attended by the relevant competent authorities, ministries and institutions, tour operators, youth, national and international organizations, and embassies with a total of 1,000 people.

I would like to seize this opportunity, on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, to express my profound gratitude to Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo HUN SEN, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia for usually paying high attention to leading and encouraging Cambodian tourism development with sustainability and responsibility, especially supporting the contest movement of “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service, Best Hospitality”. On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism,

I would like to deeply thank H.E. Dr. Prof. Anton Caragea, President of the European Council on Tourism and Trade, and his colleagues for awarding the awards of “Cambodia-World Best Tourist Destination for 2016, and Cambodia-Favorite Cultural Destination for 2016”, and the European Tourism Academy through Dr. MIRCEA CONSIANTINEESCO, President of the European Tourism Academy for unanimously electing Samdech Techo Prime Minister as an Honorary Member of the European Tourism Academy.

We strongly believe that in the name of an honorary member of the European Tourism Academy, Cambodian tourism will be well-developed and more European tourists will make their visits to Cambodia, benefiting the socio-economic development in a sustainable manner.

Last but not least, on behalf of the entire ceremony, and myself, I would like to respectfully wish Samdech Techo Prime Minister and Lok Chumteavs Kittipritbandit and their families healthy, wisdom, and strength in order to lead and develop Cambodia towards prosperity and happiness for the people.

Finally, May I wish Samdech, Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ladies and Gentlemen the four gems of Buddhist Blessings: Longevity, Nobility, Health, and Strength. Thank You!


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