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1 international concierge service for travelers partners with Epteca to offer relevant products to millions before, during and after their trip

(TRAVPR.COM) SWITZERLAND - November 3rd, 2015 - Studies show that 8 out of 10 travelers want to receive offers, as long as they are relevant, which means the market to tap into unrealized revenue streams for travel companies is enormous. Visionary global concierge service TimeResQ has selected Epteca to help them meet travelers needs with perfect offerings before, during and after their trip. This partnership opens up for an entirely new sector and approach of offerings to travelers - completing the “perfect travel experience”.

With a mission to rid the world of irrelevant content by curating relevant products and services to enhance the customer journey, Epteca has developed the smart-selling “Marketplace Ecosystem” to fill a void in the fragmented environment and add value to the consumer, partner, and advertiser. Using algorithms based on more than 34 data parameters Epteca can determine the right context and the unique intent of customers. Click here to watch a video about Epteca’s fully-managed smart selling solution.

TimesResQ has already launched the new services in seven markets including Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, London, Berlin and Copenhagen and is expanding quickly. The exclusive offers are designed for the unique needs and context of individual travelers.

"We are the only international solution to complete the perfect travel experience for pre, during and post needs,” said Jeremy Bryant, CEO TimeResQ.  “It was key for TimeResQ to find a partner who could deliver precision on segments, time and placement in a smart and efficient way. Together with Epteca, we open up a new and much-desired approach for the travel industry. It’s a perfect match!"

TimeResQ is specialized in international concierge services and delivers "at-home comforts" directly to your foreign holiday destination. These include everything from groceries, soft/alcoholic beverages, diapers, pet food and toiletries to subway tickets, airport transfers, local SIM cards and much more. Welcoming you with all the conveniences you need and leaving you without the hassle of struggling to ‘live like a local’ in an unfamiliar location. TimResQ’s mission is to maximize your vacation time and remove the stressful activities so you can enjoy the moment without having to worry about finding groceries or other daily necessities. 

“In marketing to travelers, it is all about one thing – timing,” explains Bojan Jokic, Epteca’s CEO.  “Timing is everything – and customers do not want more offerings in the booking flow. It could be more relevant just before the trip or even during the trip. The perfect offer, at the right time, at the right place and in the right way. We’re a performance-based company, so when our partners and advertisers win, we win. And winning means happy customers and selling more.”

With the increasing demand for their pioneering solution, Epteaca has recently expanded into several new markets including Norway, Switzerland, and Austria.  The company even guarantees that travel providers using their platform will leverage profits from 3rd party ancillaries and improve their margins.

Click here to watch a video about Epteca’s fully-managed smart selling solution, or to schedule a personal demo, please visit

About Epteca (

By collectively building a Marketplace Ecosystem that brings together travel companies, suppliers of goods and services and customers, Epteca’s innovative platform creates new revenue opportunities and enhances the customer experience in all the phases of their journey. Using profile data and predictive algorithms that match context and intent, Epteca can accurately anticipate not only what customers require, but also what they are likely to want, need or do during their trip. This allows for ‘smart-selling and marketing’ that taps into key sales points at the time when purchases are most likely to occur, to dramatically increase profits and create a positive brand relationship. Epteca delivers the right offering, presented to the right customer, at the right place and the right time, to sell more stuff - guaranteed.

About TimesResQ (

TimeResQ's newly introduced service targets leisure and business travellers utilising short-stay home rental services, such as Airbnb and HomeAway. Tourists and professionals cashing in on the short-term home rental boom can finally stop worrying about food, toiletries and other essentials upon arrival—and stock up instead online using TimeResQ. This efficient concierge startup sells a wide variety of at-home comfort “packages" — easily pre-orderable for delivery to a foreign holiday destination—on a fully responsive website, eliminating the stress and hassle of hunting for groceries and other sundries, subway tickets, airport transfers, local SIM cards and more. To make our service even more welcoming to you, our trained TimeResQ delivery teams are situated locally – across the world wherever you go – to make sure you’re all set for your stay.

TimeResQ is available in 16 cities around the world - and will continue to expand.


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Name: Bojan Joick
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