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Industry: Marketing has a vision hard to comprehend and grasp its entirety but, its offering to global travelers and local retailers creates a social and cultural platform that cultivates an in-depth trip experience.

(TRAVPR.COM) CANADA - October 21st, 2015 - Donald Bailey would not be thwarted in his development of a revolutionary travel concept. At the price of $1.5 million, which he estimated was a bargain for the capabilities of such an impact travel web gateway, Bailey received little response to his initial public offering of

The Stigma and a Call to Action

There is a stigma about instituting someone else’s vision which is why he did not find someone ready to purchase the rights to He realized that it might be easier to embark on developing himself rather than to continually talk about its grand potential. This was the call to action that lead him push forward a travel identity that is long overdue in the travel and tourism industry. recently penned a development agreement with SmartData Inc., a major breakthrough that is just now coming to light. This recently disclosed signing will develop’s core technology: TID (Travel Itinerary Directory). TID is an innovation that consists of advanced clouding, algorithms, and traditional news print. With the adoption of these three key network elements has the balance not only to serve travelers’ individual and business trip requirements but also embrace converging social technologies. The unique design allows TID to meld individual trip needs to all the state-of-the-art social technologies available, without losing touch with historical trends.

We are now depending on advanced mobile apps and GPS locators for content that has its attraction, but relying valuable battery life of phones and the high cost of WIFI (roaming) can have its drawbacks; there is a great deal of room for improvement. The familiarity and security of having traditional paper in your pocket or a handbag, as a backup reference, brings a comfort level of stability to your trip that many modern technologies have yet to provide. This is where TID comes in handy, because the last thing you want on the road, whether it is vacation or a work trip, is added stress. 

To alleviate the typical travel headaches, TID offers the best of both worlds: the security of traditional paper (TravelPapers-profile, or TP-profile for short), itinerary, and the flexibility of technological adjuncts such as social media and virtual maps. Also, TID has plans for street level appearances and to act as a total companion for travelers to access along their journey. These innovations are pivotal in a travel and tourism industry that is on the rise.

Want to learn more? For early adopters there will be a Beta Tour with special introductory offerings in mid-December 2015. Everyone is welcome to join as they usher in a new era of travel. For travel stakeholders, creating the right synergy is all about compatibility and timing. So, don’t delay; the future of travel awaits! You are all welcome to contact us through the information provide below:


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