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The new easy-to-navigate site allows users to effortlessly select from: *Jewish Heritage Customized Itineraries, *Kosher Group Departures, *Jewish Heritage Shore Excursions, *Kosher Resorts and Vacations, *Best Kosher Restaurants, *Kosher and Jewish Heritage Cruises.  Plus, with just a click, travelers can seamlessly enter: dates of travel, what they want to do, and where they want to go, and the details are sent immediately to the Jewish Travel Agency for rapid reply. 

(TRAVPR.COM) USA - July 22nd, 2015 - The Jewish Travel Agency, a unique specialist agency arranging and customizing Jewish Heritage and Kosher travel experiences, has just launched a new, easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website at  The new website allows travelers to quickly identify and choose from the “kind” of Jewish travel experience they are looking for, whether it is customized Jewish heritage itineraries, kosher group departures, Jewish heritage shore excursions, kosher resorts and vacations, kosher restaurants, or kosher and Jewish heritage cruises.  

Says Sophia Kulich, founder and owner of the Jewish Travel Agency, since 2000 (division of EMCO Travel founded in 1993), “I wanted potential travelers to know what we offer and find us and our services easily through an Internet search. So many travelers are looking for kosher food or Jewish culture when they travel, and so many Jewish travelers want to find out about and explore their personal heritage, but they don't realize that there is someone out there who can help them. The will make their travel search much simpler, and reaching our agency with ease and convenience will make their travel experience much better.”  

Additionally, visitors to the website, after exploring content, can just click and seamlessly enter their information, dates of travel, what they want to do, and where they want to go. The details are sent immediately to the agency, and Sophia and her staff can rapidly reply.  Furthermore, phone number, phone/fax number (toll-free), and social media and email icons on the top right-hand panel of the website allow “site perusers” to connect with Sophia for immediate answers to their questions, even if they don't want to fill out the online contact form right away.  All of this makes communication convenient for both the agency and the traveler.                                                                                                                                      
Sophia hails from the former Soviet Union where as a child and youth, she could not travel at all, and only a travel television program filled her fantasies.  In 1982 she finally emigrated with her husband George and young son.  After a convoluted journey that took her through Vienna and Rome, she arrived in New York with only $42! Trained as an engineer, she landed a position with General Electric, and it was only after a failed trip to Disney World, planned by a not-so-professional travel agent, that she began planning her own trips and joined a local agency part-time before making her own agency a reality.  

In customizing tours for individuals and groups wishing to personally experience their Jewish ancestors’ cultural and physical landscapes, Kulich works with a network of expert in-country guides and local companies and she conducts family-specific Holocaust research.  “It's like the detective work of Jonathan Safran Foer revealed in his 2002 autobiographical novel Everything Is Illuminated,” explains Sophia. “Only I arrange for my clients travel in very safe, sanitary, and comfortable conditions,” she adds. 

In arranging kosher travel for religious Jews, she combats other challenges. “We have to arrange the trip so clients do not travel – except some walking tours -- on Shabbat (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown). They cannot even open the door with electric keys, so in some cases we have to get hotel staff to open the doors for them.” 

In booking kosher and heritage cruise itineraries and land excursions, Sophia has specific knowledge of Judaism and destinations developed. This is not only after years of travel industry experience. It's from personal experience. She lived a suppressed Jewish life in Kiev (the reason she left), and her own grandfather was killed in Holocaust at Babi Yar in Kiev in 1941.  Thus, she has an extreme sense of empathy toward and passion for the experiences of other Jews.   Examples of this are revealed in the's featured blog posts and recommended tours. 

Potential clients, searching for any of Sophia's services, will be very pleased when finding the They will be pleased with her travel planning advice and booking arrangements as well.

                                                                        – END –

Sophia Kulich was recognized as one of the Top 25 travel agents in the United States by Travel Agent Magazine in 2010.  She speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian fluently, and knows some Italian and Polish.

The Jewish Travel Agency is located in Palm Harbor, Florida. Phone  877-466-2934 , Local 727-254-4373, Fax: 203-653-5586, Email:

California Travel Seller # 2079011-40

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Marian Goldberg Marketing Communications

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