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An ebook dedicated to all the long distance relationships we have with places still unknown, My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs ' content is focused on throwing a spotlight on the beautiful natural landscapes that dot the Mediterranean coastline in soft, sublime moments. These minute inifinities are captured and brought to life, on the medium of 35mm film. Launched in English and French, the ebook's aspiration is to create a small travel adventure, a photograph at a time.

(TRAVPR.COM) SINGAPORE - December 22nd, 2014 -

40 people from 16 different countries pledged varying amounts, this year, in the middle of 2014. Thanks to the initial crowdfunding effort, My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs, could be born.
For as long as she can remember, she has loved stories. Not just writing her own, but also reading about them. She fell in love with the tales of Allende and Kundera, set in fairy tale, far away places. For the last couple of years, Rachel has been telling stories primarily and purely on the medium of film photography. She started taking photographs when she started to travel.
Rachel had a simple idea for a book, 'My Everyday Marseille' - telling others about the life stories of people in this region in the South of France. It was decided that after visiting this place, Marseille - the first place in Europe she has ever visited - and falling in love with the pines, the Calanques, the azure sea meeting the mountains, and meeting again the windblown, mountain climbing teacher, who was the reason of her being there in the first place.
 She needed to tell the story of the people in this place. To make a collection of stories both in English and French, and go about taking photographs to describe the stories told to me, by the people. 
First, Rachel needed to tell her own story of Marseille.
"The ebook, My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs has launched in November 2014. 
It's the story of how those few weeks I  spend in a year, a fortnight in Summer, and some days caught here and there, could color the whole year and make a lasting memory from it all.
It's the story of how deep moments in your life, become your life, your everyday fragile moments witnessed in a single photograph. 
These were, the minute infinities, my minute infinities captured on 35mm film.
With [My Everyday Marseille: The Film Photographs], my aspiration is to spread the explorer feeling of being in unknown places, to capture the fragile, everyday moments, a photograph at a time.
The ebook is also about a love of adventure and travel, creating small moments for readers to be present, in the places where we have been."
Points about the book: 
+Having had a successful crowdfunding effort to launch our first ebook & to validate interest in this creative project, we were able to fund translation, work with illustrators, editors, voice artists and technicians to create the ebook we had in mind. 
+Our ebook is found in two translated versions, English/French & French/Mandarin
+ Analog photography: all photographs are captured on the medium of 35mm film 
+ We have interactive elements - a beautifully illustrated map that features our photograph locations, sound elements creating a voice to our story and picture descriptions, hand drawn illustrations with elements of Marseille, South of France
+This means that we are more than just a photograph/picture book, we provide trans-media elements in our first project, creating an interesting experience!


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Name: Rachel Minn Lee
Company: My Everyday Marseille
Phone: 97500414
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