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Christmas is usually a busy time marked by traditions and high expectations. In our rush we rarely spare a thought for the one who has to meet those expectations, Santa. Thus leading flight comparison,, has researched what Christmas is like for the jolly old man in 8 European countries.

(TRAVPR.COM) UK - December 20th, 2013 - Ever wondered what Christmas might be like for Santa? Besides the mammoth logistical task of getting all those gifts to their destinations on time, what might the jolly old pensioner need to consider in making Christmas happen for very diverse people groups? Popular flight comparison takes a look at the cultural and financial challenges faced by the man in the disco red outfit when delivering gifts within 8 European countries. Since budget airlines are cheaper than reindeer feed the comparison begins with his flight from his closest large airport in Helsinki.


Flight: 208 € to London but at least here he gets some compensatory mince pies and sherry left out for him.

Deadline:25th December. Most Britons open their gifts after Christmas dinner.

Traditional meal: roast turkey, gravy, roast potatoes and Christmas pudding.

Expectations: High. Britons spent 412 € per capita on gifts in 2012, so they will be expecting quite a decent parcel from the Finnish Mafia (A.K.A Santa's elves). 

The Netherlands

Flight: £ 84 to Amsterdam.

Deadlines:his arch nemesis, Sinterklaas, has a competing event on5th December but 25th December is generally when Santa Claus needs to deliver the goods.

Traditional meal: Various kinds of game accompanied by roast potatoes and stewed pears.

Expectations: Low. The Dutch spent 128 € per capita on gifts in 2012 so he can afford to get Mrs Claus some of those nice clogs she likes so much.


Flight: £ 135 to Rome.

Deadline: 24th December. While most Italians are at mass on Christmas eve he squeezes down the pizza oven.

Traditional meal: on the 24th various fish dishes along with lasagne, cannelloni and desserts are on the menu. Lamb and roast potatoes are typically enjoyed on the 25th.

Expectations:High. Italians spent 263 € per capita on presents in 2012 but this is not so bad since he shares the gift giving burden with La Befana, a mythical old woman in tattered clothes who distributes gifts on the night of 5th January to kids who were 'nice'. So called 'naughty' kids are given an environmentally unsustainable lump of coal.


Flight: £ 239 to Barcelona.

Deadline: On 22nd December Papá Noel can be found trying his luck in the lottery, a big Spanish tradition that ushers in the season. Gifts are due on the 24th though.

Traditional meal:Lamb/turkey/seafood, nougat, marzipan and all manner of baked goods.

Expectations: High. Spaniards parted with 301 € for gifts for friends and family in 2012, which makes the trip quite expensive for our favourite man with cholesterol issues.


Flight: £ 113 to Warsaw.

Deadline: 24th December. Presents are opened after a reading of the Christmas story and after the sharing of a thin wafer in a ceremony similar to the Christian communion ritual.

Traditional meal:On the 24th the Poles feast on a whopping 12 dishes (one for every month), mainly consisting of fish.

Expectations: Low. Poles spent 136 € per capita on presents last year which means that more of his budget can go into enjoying the glorious food and demolishing the doomed diet he started in March.


Flight: £ 217 to Lisbon.

Deadline: 24th December, when he's expected to deposit gifts in shoes waiting in front of the Christmas tree or fire place.

Traditional meal: Sweets on the 24th. The 25th is celebrated with octopus or codfish, served with Vinho Verde (specially saved all year for this occasion).

Expectations: High. The Portuguese spent 233 € each last year so Papai Natal has to dig deep into his pocket, or sack that is.


Flight: £ 104 to Paris.

Deadline: Midnight on the 24th, when presents are shared among the immediate family.

Traditional meal: On this special night the French indulge in la dinde aux marrons de Noel'- turkey with chestnuts- after enjoying the ultimate French appetizer... foie gras.

Expectations: High. The French spent a lavish 378 € on gifts last year thus Santa won't be saving any money here.


Flight: £ 88 to Berlin.

Deadline: 24th December, when he is expected to join in with some carol singing.

Traditional meal: potato salad, sausage and goose or duck.

Expectations: High. Germans spent a mighty 284 € per person last year. But he doesn't mind the pressure because the company that makes lederhosen also makes his outfit so he takes the opportunity to stock up on some clothes before he parties like it's Oktoberfest.

All flight prices are from 09.12.2013 and are subject to change

Source for UK spending: HSBC and Deloitte


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