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Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures, a sustainable tourism company based in Northeastern India, has launched two very exotic tours this summer from June to September, which provide travelers a chance to experience India's beloved monsoon season in the lush green tea plantations of Assam and in the verdant hills of Meghalaya, the planet's rainiest place.

(TRAVPR.COM) INDIA - June 3rd, 2013 - As the summer season is when the Indian subcontinent receives bountiful and godsent rainfall in the form of the monsoons, Greener Pastures, a sustainable tourism company based in Northeast India, has looked to promote this beloved season by launching two exotic tours that offer travelers very unique experiences unlike any other and are great options for a vacation.

Firstly, one of the tour deals with witnessing monsoons in the picturesque hills of Meghalaya. Known aptly as 'the abode of clouds' in Sanskrit, the state of Meghalaya is famous throughout the world for receiving the highest rainfall in the planet. This extreme natural phenomenon, which happens mostly in the rainy season from June to September, has carved many delightful wonders in the landscape of the state - such as countless waterfalls, caves, lakes and forests. Naturally, even the cultures which inhabit this state are unique and have been somewhere influenced by the abnormal climatic conditions.

This can be observed in the dresses and food habits of the locals. However, tourism in the state is a minimal and non-touristy affair, which makes it all the more exotic to travel to the region. While in this 8 days tour of the Indian monsoons in Meghalaya, travelers will get a chance to experience the season firsthand in Cherrapunji, which is officially the planet’s wettest place. Here, clouds are ever changing in a dance of mist, rain and magic, and visitors often tell tales of experiencing bliss. Other places which will be covered are Mawlynnong, which is Asia’s cleanest village, and Shillong, a charming hill-station which was once the summer capital during colonial days.

Other than being mesmerized by the exotic landscape, cloud formations, thunders and rain, visitors will also get to interact with the local cultures for a more authentic and meaningful trip. And to ensure comfort, unique accommodations have been handpicked which will provide the perfect luxury, comfort and coziness to experience the dramatic weather.

The second tour deals with monsoons in the tea plantations of Assam. For those not aware, the state of Assam is where the variety of Assam Tea is grown. It is a land filled with more than eight hundred tea estates which occupy the fertile plains in a continuous layer of unending greenery. Moreover, it is during the monsoon season when these tea plantations come alive with new leaves and the air gets filled with the sweet aroma of tea. Apart from the newly sprouted greenery, giant cloud formations can be seen in the sky during this season and the Brahmaputra, one of Asia's mightiest rivers, becomes as big as an ocean.

The highlight of this 9 days monsoon tour of Assam, India, are the accommodations. Handpicked after careful research, all of them are boutique heritage bungalows which were once home to British colonial growers and are situated in the lapse of the breathtaking greenery of tea plantations. These bungalows have rich history, the best of luxuries and provide the perfect ambience for visitors to sit and enjoy the monsoons while savoring on cups of the finest of Assam tea. Apart from experiencing the tea plantations, other activities will include village walks, ancient ruins, local markets, scenic boat rides, cultural shows, informal cooking classes and one thrilling teatime elephant trek.

The team at Greener Pastures is quite enthusiastic about these unique offerings. Cardo Russel, a senior tour leader with the company, says, “The monsoon has always been India’s favorite season and has been celebrated as a symbol of fertility, of rains bringing life to fertile India. In northeastern India, the monsoon is very active, and pre-season showers start as early as April. Its significance can also be noticed around Cherrapunji in the state of Meghalaya, which is officially the wettest and rainiest place of our planet. Here, monsoons create an absolutely ethereal atmosphere. While in the plains of Assam, the landscape turns fresh green, the river becomes like an ocean and sky watchers are kept busy with beautiful cloud formations.

With our latest Indian monsoon tours, our aim is to make these unknown and incredible experiences available to interested travelers, and at the same time, provide them the best guides and accommodations for a comfortable and knowledgeable holiday. For people who are looking for a unique experience of weather, landscape and culture, we're certain that spending the summers in Meghalaya and Assam is worthwhile.”

The two tours can be particularly recommended for couples, families and senior citizens, as they involve laid-back activities, boutique places to stay and beautiful weather. Moreover, with active responsible tourism policies, Greener Pastures also ensures that inbound tourism plays a role in improving society and the environment.

About Greener Pastures 
Greener Pastures ( is a fresh two year old sustainable tourism outfit based in Northeastern India. Run by local enthusiasts, the company offers responsible tours and adventures to truly exotic places in the East Himalaya landscape.

For more information about Greener Pastures, please contact Vaivhav Todi via email at vaivhav(at)thegreenerpastures(dot)com or telephone at (+91) 9435-747471.


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