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Time to get stoked about travel again!

A Symphony of Camels blends Steve Gillick's insights, anecdotes, humor and infectious enthusiasm, inspiring readers to get stoked about their next opportunity to travel.

(TRAVPR.COM) CANADA - January 26th, 2022 -

A Symphony of Camels: Travel Adventures & Conversations Around the World Steve Gillick, president of Talking Travel, is thrilled to announce that his book, A Symphony of Camels: Travel Adventures & Conversations Around the World, is now available on and ib both paperback and ebook.

Steve is no stranger to the travel industry, having spent over 35 years in roles ranging from tour guide to tour operator, president of a national educational association, speaker, consultant and travel writer. 

Simply put, Steve loves to travel and loves to talk to people who love to talk about travel.

In his book, Steve introduces readers to the joys of exploring, interacting, and connecting with people and destinations around the world. After all, he's been at it since 1967 when he visited nine European destinations on a school trip and kept a detailed diary of his experiences. Now, 84 countries (and 725+ destinations) later, he's still at it!

Laugh at the 20 Airline characters that travelers are bound to meet on their next flight. Appreciate the simple wisdom of folding a map, crossing the street, and bargaining in a market. Calmly meditate on the 4 ways to gaze at mountains, before planning a travel-regenerative experience at one of the 5 cities that soothe the soul. And of course, there's lots more to explore as you energize those travel endorphins!

A Symphony of Camels blends the author's insights, anecdotes, humor and infectious enthusiasm, inspiring readers to get stoked about their next opportunity to venture forth!


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